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About Us

Fellows Finance launched in 2018 as a new division of Fellows and Associates, an established recruitment firm founded in 2009.  At Fellows Finance we work with a highly select client base to provide bespoke, campaign orientated, recruitment solutions.  Our model is exclusively search and selection, finding candidates via extensive investigation and heavy research on a project by project basis.  

We have a "Jerry Maguire" approach to business (and if you haven't seen that movie you really should).  We believe that fewer clients is key, we don't want to work with everyone, we want to build relationships that last and deliver solutions that matter.  Finding the best solution takes time, effort and research and we believe that is very much worth investing in. The Directors of the business have extensive experience in the wide variety of sectors including legal, finance, distribution, pharmaceuticals and electronics.  Our people have been active members of international industry groups and led panel discussions for high profile organisations (sharing a platform with leaders from FTSE-100 business and large international law firms).

We have expertise in international cross-border recruitment with recent projects in Japan, New Zealand, the United States, South Africa, numerous European countries and of course the United Kingdom.  Whether you are looking for a senior financially qualified accountant, ACA, CIMA, ACCA, CTA, CPA, someone from a broader financial background such as an MBA qualified Management Accountant or simply a Managing Director or Chief Executive then we will find them.  We've sourced candidates with experience in raising capital and IPOs, investment finance, audit, internal audit, forensic accounting, corporate finance, insolvency, tax, mergers and acquisitions and financial/management accounting.

There are a myriad of recruitment companies and many of them will take projects from you on a contingent basis with only a fleeting hope of success and an impersonal service.  It is very much a legitimate business model but has the flaw that from a recruiter's perspective the effort they put in will be dependent in a large part to the ease of finding candidates for that role.  They play the numbers, work on multiple vacancies and then fill the ones they can, taking a fee.  That's fabulous where you have vacancies that are easy to source or where the roles are not of high importance but if that's not the case, if you need someone to invest significant time and research into finding a best solution then that's where we come in.  We just ask that you respect the work we do by paying for it (partly) in advance.

We're always happy to have a conversation, you are very welcome to call us on 020 7903 5019.




61 Bridge Street
HR5 3DJ 
+44 (0) 207 903 5019
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