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Location: Newcastle

Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Have you been considering moving firms lately? Maybe you're sick of not receiving a study package or you're well aware that you have no scope for progression where you currently are?

If this sounds like you, or you have other reasons for considering a move, it's worth getting in touch. We are working with a large, independent firm in Newcastle who are very open to hearing from Auditors of all levels. They have a track record of employing staff from the Big 4 firms and offering them a work life balance and more autonomy but are also keen to recruit from smaller firms who offer candidates with a broad experience.

They are open to a friendly coffee with no strings attached for candidates who they think might suit their environment and who can thrive in their firm.

Contact for more information. 



Unit F4
BizSpace Business Centre, Wakefield WF2 7AZ

+44 (0) 113 532 7625
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