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At Fellows Finance we work for clients who are recruiting positions at the senior end of the accountancy and finance market.  Typically this would be Finance Directors, Financial Controllers, Senior Executives, Consultants and Board members.  Our strategy for sourcing roles is bespoke and research based therefore we operate on a retained only business model where part of our fee is due before a project commences.  Our approach ensures that you have a dedicated partner in finding the best solution to your hiring requirements.  We're a scalpel for when you need one (whereas if a mallet will do then we really aren't the firm you're looking for).

We are highly effective networkers both on and off line, adept at using a variety of resources such as LinkedIn and Twitter to publicise and resource roles through campaign management. We are proactive in how we use online resources and understand how to make an impact, particularly in respect to direct approaches to individuals.  We have many years' experience within our team of running extensive campaigns which have incorporated headhunt and media management.  Our approach to search is to, wherever possible, facilitate an introduction via a mutual contact which ensures a higher positive rate of response and greater engagement following an initial connection. 


  • Search: We have extensive experience of running targeted headhunt campaigns, researching a short list of prospective candidates, contacting them, persuading them of the merits of the firm we are representing and then facilitating an introduction. Our fees for search are highly competitive and we always ensure that our clients understand the scope of the project before commencement such that expectations are met.
  • Campaign Management: We can promote a pressing recruitment need by running a multimedia solution to publicise a role. This could include a fully designed (by our Graphic Designer) print campaign supported by building profile across a range of new media; on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter. We can also build a recruitment specific microsite for your firm, providing an easy resource for candidates wishing to discover new information about the project.

For further information please call us on +44 20 7903 5019 or email:

If you are a potential candidate looking for a new role then you are very welcome to get in touch.  We are a campaign led search business so may not be able to help you on a proactive basis, as the projects we are working on will have highly specific criteria determined by our clients.  However, a network is key to us so we're always grateful to make new connections and given the exclusive nature of our assignments we will be recruiting for roles you will not have access to anywhere else.




61 Bridge Street
HR5 3DJ 
+44 (0) 207 903 5019
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