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Recruitment Candidate

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Recruitment Candidates

Leaving a job is hard. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether or not you are making a good decision or if where you end up is going to be no better than where you left. We can help ensure you make an informed choice that is best for you.

We tend to work at the more senior end of the market. Predominantly Finance Director level placements as well as earlier career positions such as Financial Controllers, Management and Financial Accountants within industry and Partner level to senior audit and tax placements within practice. We work with a variety of firms mostly across the UK as well as some internationally and can give insight from a perspective different and potentially more pragmatic than your peer group.

Recruiters find it easy to tell someone what they want to hear, especially if it works in their favour. However, it’s much more difficult to highlight the realities of the market and how it might affect the choices a candidate makes. Whether it’s the answer you were expecting or not, we will always ensure our recruitment advice will be in your best interest. We will talk you through a range of opportunities and compare their individual quirks, ensuring you are in the best possible position to decide which job (or jobs) could be for you.

We take your confidentiality extremely seriously and understand it takes a lot to entrust someone (especially a recruiter) with your personal details. That is why we will always discuss each individual role with you in depth and gain your permission before sending your CV or disclosing your identity.

We like to talk, be it a general discussion about the changing market and current trends or tailored advice on taking your next step as an accountant of other financial professional. We are happy to invest time in you, particularly if you invest your trust in us.

If you would like further information please call us on +44 (0) 113 532 7625 or email:




61 Bridge Street
HR5 3DJ 
+44 (0) 207 903 5019
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