Which choc bars would you like to see return to the shelves?

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Everyone has a favourite childhood chocolate bar they remember but can only now dream about eating. From Mars Delight to Snowflake, White Maltesers to Time Outs, history is packed with delicious sweet treats that have sorrowfully discontinued.

With 87% of Brits choosing chocolate as their favourite snack, just thinking about these sadly departed chocolates makes us very sad. And hungry.

Here we take a look back at some of our most missed chocolate bars.

Cadbury Time out
time outFans were fuming when this was removed from the shelves in favour of a new Time Out Wafer in 2016.

Snow Flake
flake snowIn 2008 Cadbury made the, some would say, life changing decision to discontinue the Snow Flake. Over 4000 people have signed a petition to bring it back!

White Maltesers
maltesersMaltesers claim on their twitter account that these cute, crunchy balls didn’t sell as they’d hope. A small petition began claiming that a crime to humanity had been committed, with one member exclaiming that he had been craving White Maltesers for 3 years.

Cadbury Dream
cadbury dream 2Chocoholics were devasted when this dreamy bar was pulled. They can only dream of it now.

Mars Delight
mars delightMillennials have petitioned to bring back the chocolate that tastes like their ‘childhood’

Fox’s Echo Bar
echoA perfect mixture of white chocolate and milk chocolate bubbles with a crunch. What was once a lunchbox special is no more.

Seven Up Bar
seven up barHere’s an American special to throw into the mix. This choccy bar was covered with seven chambers each containing a different filling. It discontinued in 1979 but still retains a devoted fan base.

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