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rejected job application

Reject, reject, reject...

We all know that feeling of starting a new job; the sense of optimism and willingness to help anyone and everyone, I began my recruiting career in September in exactly this way. It was all very exciting posting my first jobs and patiently waiting for the candidates. Within one day I had four candidates! I know, great right? The CVs kept rolling in through the week, I thought I was on to a winner.

Little did I know, of the 110 people who applied for the job, only five of them were actually worth a phone call. Some of the CVs I received were so badly written that I have put together some (quite sarcastic) tips to inspire other job seekers to think before they send.

Here we go…

  • Your name should start with a capital letter.
  • So should your place of work, unless it intentionally doesn’t – eBay for example.
  • Full stops are important, as is spell check. If you.r werk looks . like this I am . not . going to read it .
  • Every place of work has a name. Believe it or not, ‘friends mam’ is not a place of work.
  • Read through your CV carefully and make sure it is relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • The same rules apply with the cover letter. If you’re applying for a payroll job – why are you telling me that you aspire to be a lawyer and you’re going to pursue it next year? This screams: I am desperate for any job right now but I’m going to leave in a year!
  • It’s obvious when you have literally clicked to apply for every job on the website.
  • If the job states: *Must have experience in…* my key tip would be: (drumroll please) DO NOT APPLY unless you have got the experience. Sending your CV and hoping for the best just simply won’t work out for you.
  • If you’re only going to list your places of work with no information whatsoever about you or your experience you will be lucky to even receive a rejection message.
  • There’s only so many times you can say customer service in one paragraph with no full stops, especially when the job you’re applying for isn’t in customer service.
  • A cover letter can actually be a helpful way for a recruiter to see if your CV is worth reading. If it is well written, you deserve some of my time. Even if you don’t have the correct experience.
  • With this in mind, if your cover letter only explains how awful your current job is and why you are looking to leave, I’m not sold on reading your CV.
  • If you have a good grade in your degree. TELL ME. You look like you’re hiding with a degree with no honours.
  • Let’s say you’ve been in a job for one week, one month, one year. You must have utilised your skills more than just ‘I served food to people’. Be as detailed as you can.
  • In case you’ve ever worked there. TGIs has capital letters. The name gives it away.

So, there you have it, some information to guide you on what not to do when applying for jobs. Do you have any more top tips?

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