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What I think about future technology

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As I write this, I’m trying to think of a time I can remember without the Internet. Nope, can’t think. Technology is literally everywhere, it’s so funny to watch people crumble when the wi-fi goes down or when something technical stops working. In my case, this is ALL of the time (obviously I don’t find it funny when the joke is on me). I’m not really sure what happens but I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to gadgets, my MacBook and iPhone are always having problems (my colleague Pete would tell me that I need an Android) and I am constantly resetting passwords for every website that I’ve ever used. This is mostly because each website wants something different; must use a capital letter, must use a semi colon, must use a semi colon with 5 non-consecutive numbers and a unicorn symbol. I’m sure you can relate to this. We don’t have too much luck here in the office either, the internet will drop off and we will all look at each other in despair. “What shall we do now?” “When will it be back on?” “Everything on my list of to-dos involves the internet.”

Anyway, this exact scenario is how I’ve come to write this article. I got thinking about how much we depend on the internet to get through our daily lives. The amount that it has changed over the years is obviously remarkable; I remember the times when we had to wait for the Internet to dial up but I remember nothing before that. Everyone else in the office can remember DOS based email and paper files or CD ROMS to gather information. I’m what you would call, a millennial.

Although I feel quite up to speed with the technology hype (minus the password thing), I am quite interested in what the future holds for us on the gadget front. I wonder if us millennials will be able to keep up in 50 years or whether I’ll be sat here telling the future generation how it was different back in my day. So, with this in mind I decided to research what people believe our future holds in regards to technology. Here’s what I found…

Your brain print as a password
Well, how convenient that this is the first one I found! Brainwaves may be able to function as computer passwords. In an experiment, each person tested reacted differently as they read a list of acronyms. The system was able to predict which person was reading the list because of this, meaning that in the future, a PC may be able to verify who is sitting at it. I can’t wait for this one!

Delivery drones
Now I actually think this is pretty cool. And it doesn’t sound like it’s really that far away. I was sat wondering how the drone would ever make it to the correct house since Google Maps are forever giving me the wrong directions but after a little research, it seems that a landing pad would be provided to the customer. This would have the card details stored in it and when the drone lands to drop the package, the card details match up and the package is released. Amazon has already been trialling this. I wonder how large the packages have to be?!

Self-driving cars
It is said that numerous manufacturers are already implementing new technology into their vehicles. It’s only a matter of time before self-driving cars are the norm, safety features are expected to surpass any human driver’s skills with sensors always being active. A human behind the wheel is optional… Can you imagine seeing a car drive by with no one in it? That would be weird.

Eat all you want without getting fat
Sorry but this one sounds ridiculous. Apparently, there will be a drug that allows you to eat whatever you want without gaining weight. Scientists have already re-engineered a gene that controls obesity in rats and they might be able to manipulate our genes to do the same! It’s a no from me.

Your clothes will clean themselves
I enjoy this one. Engineers in China have developed a titanium dioxide coating that helps cotton shed stains. To relieve the stains, you just need to step in the sun!

Nurses will be robots
By 2045, robots will supposedly be moving you into different hospital beds and pushing food carts. This is also a big no thank you from me!

I actually enjoyed finding out what the future might hold for us. Although I’m not sure that some of these things are going to go ahead. What do you think the next 50 years has in store for us?

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