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Our 2019 Social Media Strategy

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While thinking about this article, I came across another article which started with ‘it’s the right time now to start planning your social media marketing strategy for 2019.’ I was going to write advice for you, the reader, about how you could increase your social media presence. But I quickly realised that I could use this advice myself.

You may or may not know, I’m pretty new to my current job in recruitment. We started Fellows Finance in September so that’s when I began building the social media pages. I had lots of ideas and didn’t really know how to run with them, I had read in numerous places that you should choose just one platform rather than trying to utilise all of them. I decided to ignore this. Obviously, I knew how important social media could be to mar0ket a brand and really wanted this to be a selling point of our company so I created my own LinkedIn page, a company LinkedIn page, a Facebook page, an Instagram page and a Twitter page. However, now that my actual job is underway, I struggle to post as much as I’d like to stay relevant on each page and as the new year loomed, I had been wondering about what to do next.

I received an email from a guy who was doing free social media audits with no strings attached. Why not? I thought. I’ve had quite a few emails from people trying to sell their services to me this past few months actually. They’ll say that they can help us to gain more followers or gain a wider audience, I tend to ignore those ones. I wanted to figure it out for myself. I am at a point now though where this audit has actually sparked a little of bit of interest with me and I realise that maybe I do need a little guidance.

Advice from another article I found while writing this was; ‘it’s good to review your existing social media marketing strategy to find what works and what can be improved’. So that’s what I’m going to do in this article. Hopefully then, in a few months’ time I’ll be able to write another article about my success!

I’m going to start with the Instagram page. This is my favourite social media platform. I spent a lot of time in September finding accountants and accountancy firms on Instagram and following them. The problem with that was, most people on this platform don’t specify their job title. After a while I found a hack to finding relevant people via Google, although I know that there are probably a million other accountants out there on Instagram who I can’t find. I post 2/3 times a week onto the Instagram page and have added some story highlights too. The page now has 91 followers however, I find that most of the people who like the posts are not actually relevant to us. We do receive likes and follows from accountancy firms which is great, but we do seem to be short on engagement from potential candidates. As a frequent Instagram user myself, this doesn’t really surprise me. I would never follow a business page back unless I knew that they had super engaging content that related to me. The problem with this is, how can content be relevant and interesting to every accountant or accountancy firm out there? Everyone has different opinions about what they are looking for on an Instagram page, if I post only to appeal to a certain audience, I would be ignoring the other potential audience that we could gain.

One piece of advice that I have read is that Instagram favours interaction and storytelling. Maybe posting success stories with an explanation is something I might try. I’ve found that a lot of companies and brands have created and maintained large communities of followers who they share their successes and news with. Again though, this is not going to necessarily find me a relevant audience for recruiting finance specialists. Engaging with followers is high up on the agenda for an interesting page. Visual content and engaging stories are a fun way to appeal to audiences so I am going to consider what I’m posting and who it is appealing to. I’m also going to actively engage with other accountants and accountancy firms in the hope that we can gain some more relevant followers to our page!

Now onto the Twitter page. I wont lie, I don’t really use twitter that much on my personal account other than to moan about TV shows. There’s a very high chance that our company Twitter page doesn’t do as well as our Instagram page because it’s not my preference. So, that’s the first critique for myself regarding Twitter. Post more frequently and interact more with followers. Twitter trends are key for interacting with different people and joining in on debates and opinions, I definitely need to do more of this to create a bigger Twitter presence. I’ve found it even more difficult on Twitter to find accountants though. Again, we have some accounting firms following us but many potential candidates are hidden away with nothing written in their bio. If you are reading this and have some tips for finding candidates, I’d love to hear them! One of the main tips that pops up for Twitter is relationships with customers, this is something that we need to push. Tweets should relate and engage with the correct audience. I found a page where it explains how to complete a ‘follower audit’, this allows you to see your followers’ interests and how they interact with Twitter which will give a general idea of the kind of content that they are more receptive to. I’m going to give this a go!

This next paragraph is going to be a short one. I’m not even going to do my research. My opinion on Facebook is that it does not work for a business like ours. I created a page but how am I supposed to get followers? If on the off chance I come across any accountants on Facebook, it’s difficult to ask them to follow my page without being friends with them on my personal account. To be quite honest, I think promoting ourselves on Facebook is a waste, I’m not going to invest any more time into it.

Onto LinkedIn. Now this one is not a waste of time. Before September I didn’t have an account, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time growing my network since then and now have more than 2000 followers. I’m pretty pleased with that, only about 30 of them are not relevant to me but that’s an article for another day. I have connected with many people and have started to build relationships with some candidates while also having connected with clients on there too. I’ve found that my approach is subtler than competitors and I have even been thanked for my message for it not being the usual recruiter type message. In terms of connections, I think I’m using LinkedIn successfully. I need to think more about my content now. The posts that receive the most traction on this platform seem to be opinionated posts or success stories, it seems that lots of people on LinkedIn are willing to congratulate and be happy for others’ successes. I like that. Other most like posts seem to be humorous videos or subtle sales videos. Last week I saw a great example which really inspired me to think about how I could approach recruitment. It was a guy who recreated a scene of ‘The Holiday’ while selling a job that he needed to recruit for. It was pure genius actually.

Obviously, the good thing about LinkedIn is I know who my audience are, 99% of people who I am connected to work in finance. When I post finance related posts I get some attention from my connections but not as much as I’d like. To be critical of myself, I think it’s probably because I don’t give an opinion. I’m not leaving anyone a reason to comment on my post which would then allow other people to see it. Number 1 tip to myself: be more opinionated. Number 2: Post creative content. Number 3: Post more often.

So, there you have it. An article which intended to give you advice about how to market your social media platforms in 2019 but which actually ended up being an audit of the Fellows Finance social media page. If nothing else, I hope this has made you think about doing an audit of your own social media sites. If you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear them! 




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