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How to survive going back to work after a holiday

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The Easter break is over and the summer holidays are upon us. Whether its chocolate, sun, sea or family time that you’re saying goodbye to, it can often be hard to deal with. Your alarm will annoy you more than usual, you’re drowning in work from 2 weeks ago and all you can think about is the sunbathing you were doing the day before.  

It’s a perfect time to give you some top tips on how to make sure you survive your first days back at work after a lovely break.

Here’s how you can deal with the post-holiday blues:

  1. Embrace it! No one likes returning to work after a holiday, especially when you start thinking about how long you have to work for before your next holiday. Remind yourself of how much fun you had and be grateful for the memories!
  2. Remember, it’s totally understandable to feel a little sad returning to reality. Allow yourself a couple of less positive days to come back around to working life.
  3. Prioritise. No doubt you have so much work to catch up on that you don’t know where to start. Pick out the most important jobs and put them in a list. (If you love lists like me; make sure it’s in order of importance!)
  4. Check your inbox the night before. Even if you don’t do anything with it, at least you know how many emails to expect in the morning.
  5. If you have a stressful job, prepare some things the night before. Have everything set out and ready to go because let’s face it, you won’t be jumping out of bed first thing.
  6. Give it a couple of days and when you’re ready to go, set new goals. What do you want to achieve this week? (Ok, next week.)
  7. Make plans for lunch with your work colleagues. Nothing beats a catch up with your friends. You can chat about those great memories you made!


I hope some of these tips work for your return to work. If not, you can always have a look at this article to see if it matches up with your first day back

Do you have any more top tips to manage the holiday blues? Send them to



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