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The crazy things we'll do for social media!

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We hear of it all the time; social media addiction. We’re at a point in our lives where many people can’t take a bite of their food until they’ve posted a photo of it. It’s a strange world we are living in. You’ve all seen a video like this; girl sees a spider in her room, adds a photo to her Facebook asking for help instead of trying to capture the spider. I mean I’ve probably done that myself in my younger days too.

I don’t know anyone (shout up if it’s you) who hasn’t shamed themselves on social media at least once in the past (we just pray that no one remembers it). In this article though, I’m going to talk about something different that is happening on social media which is not necessarily shameful, but often outright crazy – many people like to call it ‘doing it for the gram’.

Our generation are a group of non-listeners. We are told not to use our phones at the doctors, petrol stations, in the cinema, on a plane – do we listen? Nope. Why would we pay attention to the sign on the wall when we can get a really cool selfie on a rollercoaster to upload to our social media accounts? Everyone will be able to see how daring we are then! On a rollercoaster and using our phone… so WILD!

Since Canadian Tom Ryaboi posted a photo of his feel dangling over the edge of a tall building in Toronto, instagrammers, youtubers and other members of social networks began to thrive off risk-taking social media photography. The ‘rooftopping’ craze in which people climb as high as they can on a building quickly spread and the photos are becoming more dangerous.

It’s not surprising to hear that people are literally dying for the perfect Instagram shot or selfie. Not long ago, Instagram traveller Meenakshi posted a photo of herself on the edge of a rock over the Grand Canyon captioning ‘is our life just worth one photo?’ You can read her full post here. She preached about taking sensible photos and the limits of ‘doing it for the gram’ although, a short while after her post, Meenakshi and her boyfriend were killed by an 800-foot fall at Yosemite National Park, an accident which occurred while they were on the edge of a cliff.

While some social media stars such as Meenaskshi have died in the act, it’s possible that the larger problem is the audience that copy the photos they have seen on social networks.

It’s not just dare-devil Instagram posts that are a problem. A study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care found that 259 people died taking selfies between October 2011 and November 2017. It is worth nothing that many of the people who lost their lives taking selfies were not risk takers or social media stars, but regular people who happened to be killed taking photos of themselves during unusual circumstances. These include; falling from heights, being mauled by animals, accidentally shooting themselves, falling in front of moving trains and drowning. You can see a full list of selfie deaths here.

As I said at the beginning of this article, it’s a crazy world we are living in. To show you just how crazy, I have added some photos below of some of the perfect Instagram-able shots which could have literally killed someone!

kk Someone out there will copy this and I dread to think what's going to happen!

dd A Zookeeper who is not afraid to get up close to this lion!

ff No safety ropes, illegally tresspassing on a skyscraper in Dubai, all for a few thousand instagram likes. Are you MAD?

ll I mean, great shot. Many of us couldn't pull this off but come on, what if his arm slipped?!

hh I'm actually lost for words on this one.

Have you seen anyone taking crazy photos for social media? Let us know:





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