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Life from the view of an 8-year-old

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Sometimes kids say the most weird and wonderful things and I honestly really enjoy hearing about the world from their perspective. In my experience, this is the most fun with children around 5 years’ old but I have decided to give it a go with my 8-year-old step daughter. I would just like to emphasise that some of her views (especially the one about the Queen) should not be a reflection on myself of my husband **insert laughing face**. In fact, I am very certain that she has been learning about the Queen at school so I’m going to blame them.

What is an accountant?
Is it a person who counts money or something? I think they save all the important passwords for people’s bank accounts.

What is a recruiter?
Wait, is that your job? I know this one. It’s where a person describes a job and they want a good one and you have to find them it. But they might not be good enough to get the job so, that’s it.

What job do you want and why?
(If you’ve read my teacher articles you will guess that I have tried to persuade her out of this one)
I want to be a teacher so I can shout at kids. Not just for that reason. You can learn with them too. You learn something new everyday remember. I want to make kids happy and give them treats and be organised like you used to.

If I’m not a teacher I want to be a scientist. First of all, they get paid a lot and you can find out about new things and invent new things. AND you can find cures to help things like the virus currently in China. I hope that doesn’t come here, don’t you?

If you were an employer, what would you want someone to be like at an interview?
Well, I wouldn’t want them to be quiet, they need to be like BOOM (she waved her arms in a big circle at this point – if you know what this means, maybe try it at your next job interview?) and they can’t be not focused. If they just talk about cake and unicorns and knitting patterns, we aren’t going to get anywhere are we? Oh and, they need to obviously know about the job because if they’re clueless they won’t work out for me.

What do you think the highest paid jobs are?
A footballer definitely. And, scientists, royals and lawyers. And, those people who say YOU ARE GUILTY (bangs her hand on her knee a number of times).

Which jobs don’t get paid enough?
I think Doctors and Vets. They save lives.
I asked her here how much she thinks they should be paid per year and gave her a little bit of perspective on some different salaries (including a footballer salary which she was extremely unhappy about).
I think they should be paid £100,000 per year because people think it’s easy but it’s really hard. They’re friendly and they save lives. They don’t just sit on their bums all day!

She then went on to say; whoever is in charge of money in this country is guilty. (Maybe she’ll be a judge?)

What do you think about the Government?
Who’s the government? Donald Trump? Explanation given here….
Oh ok Boris, I don’t like him. He just talks about Brexit and he’s not doing anything. He says I’ll do it and then does nothing and I’m like, just MOVE FORWARD.

What do you think about the Royal Family?
I think the Queen is savage, she sits on her throne all day! I don’t think Meghan should be treated like she does. Did you know that Kate ate an avocado when she was pregnant and when people saw Meghan eat an avocado, she got told off for it!

I let Isabella choose her own question for me to ask her next, of course it was about her new favourite book:

What are your favourite Harry Potter quotes?
1. You’re a wizard Harry
2. It’s not Leveosahhhh its Leveosa
3. I’m going to bed before one of you two get us killed, or worse, expelled

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