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It's not all bad, is it?

Following the recent introduction of further restrictions across parts of the UK and with ‘Tier 3’ potentially looming over our heads in the North it’s very easy to focus on what we’re missing about life B.C. (before Corona). Along with the lack of contact and ability to spend time with family and friends, a quick pop to the shop sans mask for those all-important 3pm biscuits (working from home necessity) is no longer on the cards, along with being able to pass people in the street without one of you awkwardly waiting in the road holding up traffic or loitering on someone’s driveway. Whilst we hope we do return somewhat to normality, we thought we’d take a look at some of the positives that have come out of the ‘new normal’ over recent months.Smiley coffeeWEB

1. Family time. The closure of offices and schools have meant that families were (and are) spending a lot more time together than before. Yes, we agree that for some this is most definitely not a positive (we’re looking at you full time workers trying to home school) but it has brought a closeness to many, helped create new shared memories and has meant that parents have been able to witness milestones that they may have otherwise missed.  

2. Slowing down. The huge reduction in scheduled plans, work deadlines and extra-curricular activities has allowed (or maybe forced) us to just stop and take a moment. Even if it’s simply appreciating the view whilst on a walk or finishing a cup of tea without having to rush to complete three other tasks in between.

3. No commute. Again, this will be a negative for some as it can be used as a refuge away from home and working life but for others the stress of sitting in traffic, having to rush to catch public transport or be back in time to pick up the kids is a definite win.

4. Connecting more openly. Mental health has become a huge factor during the pandemic. The removal of face to face contact has encouraged people to reach out to those around them more often and on a deeper level than before, either via text, video call or the infamous Zoom pub quiz.

5. Getting crafty. Turns out not being unable to do a whole lot else has allowed people to take up new hobbies, finish books they started in 2017 or finally paint their bedroom that snazzy shade of mustard yellow.

6. Yay for the environment. The air is cleaner (thanks in part to no. 3), rivers, lakes and the sea are clearer and less footfall resulted in wildlife flourishing across the UK. Cue one of our favourite stories of Lockdown 2020 – Goats take over deserted Llandudno.

7. Appreciating the little things. Once Lockdown had ended and we were allowed to go back out to play again (for a little while), a simple coffee with a friend or having dinner in a restaurant seemed just that little bit more enjoyable. We’d like to think that these things will continue to be a bit more precious once restrictions begin to lift further.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or will you be glad to see the back of it all (along with the Zoom quiz)? Let us know at




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